Please read and apply..

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Please read and apply..

Post  S U P E R F L Y on Tue Mar 11, 2008 11:09 am

This application is used to review perspective members to join our guild and to allow us to assess their ability to become a contributing member to our player community. While there are many who may qualify; we are looking for mature and well rounded candidates who enjoy a sense of community and belonging in their guild.


Copy and paste this entire document into a new reply in the forum and then complete each of the questions below. When finished, save your reply.

Application Questions
Note: please make your responses short .

1. What is your primary in-game character name that we can contact you by?

2. What is your first name and country/state of origin?

3. What campaigns do you have and how long have you played them (Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, GW:EN)?

4. List all of your characters names, professions, and levels.

5. How many days of the week, and at what times do you typically play (am, pm, late evening)? Also, what is your time zone?(This will help in contacting you)

6. How do you access the Internet: cable, DSL, dial up?

11. How do you think you will be able to positively contribute to the guild?

12. Do you have and will you use Ventrilo software, and a microphone, to interact with the guild on a regular (but not always) basis?

13. Why would you like to join Dragon Guild?

14. How did you hear about KISS

Thank you for submitting this application. you will be contacted shortly.
Questions Created By: Jack Meand

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