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Post  Exuro Elementalist on Sat Jul 05, 2008 8:02 pm

1. What is your primary in-game character name that we can contact you by?
Exuro Elementalist

2. What is your first name and country/state of origin?
Alex, USA

3. What campaigns do you have and how long have you played them (Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, GW:EN)?
All of them, from the day they came out.

4. List all of your characters names, professions, and levels.
Exuro Elementalist ~ Ele 20
Follower Of Spite ~ Monk 20
Welcome Emoclew ~ Necro 20
Vigorous Dervish ~ Derv 20
Die You Noobie ~ War 20

5. How many days of the week, and at what times do you typically play (am, pm, late evening)? Also, what is your time zone?(This will help in contacting you)
Everyday, from 3PM-2AM Usually. Some days not at all, and I have taken breaks of the game before, none lasting more than a week.

6. How do you access the Internet: cable, DSL, dial up?

11. How do you think you will be able to positively contribute to the guild?
I have plenty of builds, knowledge, and experience of the game.

12. Do you have and will you use Ventrilo software, and a microphone, to interact with the guild on a regular (but not always) basis?

13. Why would you like to join Dragon Guild?
I need a guild that is actually a guild, not a corporation. I need somewhere I can have fun, not somewhere to be suppressed.

14. How did you hear about KISS?
People trashing talking it in LaZy when I was leaving it. And side remarks from people. So if this is anything different than LaZy, then I will enjoy my stay.

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